Faith untested is not faith at all


Faith untested is not faith at all. We speak much about faith, but it is not until our faith is tested that we know how real our faith is. Traveling to Haiti is one of the unique opportunities for faith building. In this fifth world country, a person can learn what it truly means to live and walk by faith. I was able to have my faith strengthened, as I watched the Haitian people live everyday by faith for provision and healing. My eyes were opened to what it means to pray believing and trusting God for your daily bread. My eyes focused on how the Haitian people call upon Jehovah Rapha believing and trusting that He is, in fact able to heal them. It is astonishing how just a short while in Haiti will cause you to deepen your walk with Christ and fall in love with the faith of this people.
Travis Farris
Senior Pastor, Walnut Memorial Baptist Church